LV Shape Static Modes

Expert-derived modes of variation (animations)

The following animations show the PCA modes of variation for 300 cases for the MESA (asymptomatic subjects) and DETERMINE (patients with myocardial infarction) cohorts. Modes are varied within ±3 standard deviations. In all figures, the view is anterior, septum on the left, lateral wall on the right.


Expert-derived models (MATLAB)

The MATLAB tool below shows the top three (L=3) or six (L=6) modes of variation (in terms of variance) of the left-ventricular finite-element model for the MESA (asymptomatic) and DETERMINE (symptomatic - myocardial infarct) cohorts, from 300 subjects each.

PCA modes are incremental, that is the first three modes are the same for L=3 and L=6.


Contour-derived atlas modes

These modes were derived from a contour model population of 1,991 MESA models.

MATLAB code v.1a (L=6)